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Garden of Delights by Fernando Arrabel, New York 2017

Garden of Delights by Fernando Arrabal

Garden of Delights by Fernando Arrabal at Performing Arts New York Garden of Delights is a surrealistic play that takes its audience on a fantastical journey with Lais, a charming yet self-loathing actress, through her…

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20th Anniversary of the presence of the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja in Nueva York

El lunes 14 de mayo de 2018, en el Centro Español (Spanish Benevolent Society of New York), celebramos el 20 Aniversario de la presencia de la Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, en la ciudad de…

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New Collection of Latin American art in the MoMA, Through the Book Commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the Supreme Court of Spain.

In November 2017, the MoMA Museum acquired the exclusive limited edition book Bicentanario De La Constitucion del Tribunal Supremo del Reino De Espana. This book memorializes the graphic works of Ibero-American art and associated events,…

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