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“Change of an Era, the Value of the Nations” Book Launch and Art Exhibit

Base Iberoamericana / Community of the Two Americas

In collaboration with

FIDAL Foundation, Andean American Associations and

Spanish Benevolent Society of New York 


Art Exhibition – Stefan Arteni

Book Launch – Vicente Alcaraz “Change of an Era, the Value of the Nations

A conversation with the experts on the influence of the economy and the culture

Location: Centro Español – 239 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

6:30 pm Registration and Networking

7:00 pm Conference

About Speakers:

Stefan Arteni, (Bucarest, Rumania)  Artist, He was awarded the Japan Foreign Affairs Minister’s; Grand Prize for Calligraphy in 1996, the Silver Award for Kana; (linked writing) in 1999, the Consul General of Japan in Los Angeles; Grand Prize in 2002, in competitions organized by the Japan Calligraphic Art Academy in Tokyo and the Japan Calligraphy Center in Los Angeles. For more information click: Stefan Arteni.

Stefan Arteni

Vicente Alcaraz, (Alicante, España)  Former advisor to the Ministry of Spain, Former professor at the University of Alicante ,President of CosmoArte Siglo XXV Gallery, mecenas and author of Cambio de era: el valor de las naciones. will speak about the influence of the economy on social and cultural development of nations. For more information click: Vicente Alcaraz García.

Vicente Alcaraz

Myriam de Arteni, (Colombia), Senior Conservator of Exhibitions at the New York Public Library, will talk about her experience painstakingly repairing the library’s vast collections for more than three decades. But for de Arteni, conserving works in the “Three Faiths” exhibit–which include some of the library’s oldest and most precious documents–has been one of her most ambitious projects yet. For more information click: Myriam de Arteni.

Linda A. Calvet, (USA), Executive Secretary ANDEAN American Associations (Coalition of Colombian, Ecuadorian, Peruvian and Venezuelan Associations). Will talk about her experience with the first chambers of commerce established in (list countries) dedicated to the promotion of trade, investment, and cultural exchange between these nations and the U.S. For more information click: Linda A. Calvet.

Educación Financiera, Germania Sarmiento C, Centro Español, 2017
Mgtr. Germania Sarmiento C.
Masterado en Gestión Financiera por la Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja. Facultad de Economía. experta en el área de: Administración de empresas constructoras, Contabilidad de Costos, Gerencial, Evaluación Financiera, Finanzas Populares y Solidarias, Microeconomía. Ha dirigido la gestión y desarrollo de proyectos comerciales entre Europa y latinoamericana Desarrollo de seminarios, en los últimos años se ha enfocado en la creación de cursos On-Line.


Fundación FIDAL

Andean American Associations

Spanish Benevolent Society of New York

Bi/Coa: Base Iberoamericana / Community of the Two Americas

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