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We seek the support of institutions and individuals that share our vision of art and history a medium for social integration within communities.

Your contribution will allow us to:

  • Provide public access to art from Iberoamerica to promote understanding and appreciation of different cultures.
  • Promote cultural heritage which strengthens communities and helps form a diverse and inclusive consciousness.
  • Bring top talent to developing communities.
  • Augment the general public’s recognition of the generous companies and sponsors that support the coming together of art and history.
  • Promote Iberoamerican culture to contribute to economic development by maintaining relations between different countries.
  • Produce a series of educational events aimed at younger generations who emphasize the importance of supporting productive industries, thus, generating a culture of reciprocity.
  • Create cultural programs for children and adults who will become the new collectors in the future. As well as highlighting that these institutions provide support and have great art collections.

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