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Instituto Cervantes New York: 200 years of identity: bi/Coa Visions of Ibero American Art

Instituto Cervantes NY, bi-coa, CosmoArte Siglo XXV

Instituto Cervantes NY, bi-coa, CosmoArte Siglo XXV

Inauguration of the Exhibition and Symposium (Free event)

Instituto Cervantes 211 East 49th Street (Between 2nd & 3rd Avenue) New York, NY

April 4th – 6:00 pm


  • Javier Rioyo, Director, Instituto Cervantes New York
  • Rodolfo Abularach, Guatemala, Rodolfo Abularach’s Fundation
  • Enrique Ubieta, Cuba, Artist and composer-member of the SACEM
  • BenCab, Philippines Artist and BenCab Museum Director
  • Don Archer,USA, Artist and Director of the MOCA Museum of Computer Art, New York
  • Mónica Sarmiento Castillo, Ecuador, Artist and Director of bi-Coa Cultural Art Project
  • Myriam de Arteni, USA, New York Public Library, Barbara Goldsmith, Conservation and Preservation Division
  • Fanny Sanín, Colombia, Artist, represented by Frederico Seve Gallery in NY
Music by Inti and the Moon Geo Suquillo-Spanish guitar, Muammer Aryar-Spanish guitar, Fathi Tabouche- Percussion The international project bi/Coa is a national and international exhibition focused on integrating the Latin, Spanish and Portuguese cultures from its constitutional roots and allowing the art to serve as a means to connect like-minded identities and shared with other communities. The exhibition bi/Coa presents, includes multiple original artworks of Latin American great masters. Curated by Cosmo Art Siglo XXV, which specializes in both exhibition and international management of art museums. The series of programs that will be presented, express concepts of justice, social service, and freedom of expression. This exciting program will include workshops, conferences and panel discussions with the artists plus the exhibition of large collections that normally reside in museums and private collections around the world.
Artistas Iberoamericanos

Artistas Iberoamericanos

Two-hundred years of the Cortes de Cadiz Influencing Latin American Justice, Art and Culture is the starting point of an international project with a vision to integrate Latin American countries that have considered themselves independent nations since 1812. This historical event opens the doors of Latino America in search of cultural identity and integration, with the intention of creating ties for communication, education, economic and community development between Latin America and Spain as a bridge between Europe and the United States. The purpose of the exhibition and symposium is to promote Latin American countries through artists in order to integrate the socio-political identifies of our cultural heritage. We manifest the diversity of the Latin American cultures by a broad participation of the majority of divisions of society including the private sectors. We believe this to be a key strategy to develop social cohesion and inclusion through education and culture. We present you with the opportunity to support this exciting art series. It’s the support of individuals and institutions that understand and share our vision that facilitate this unique dialogue and helps promote social integration between communities. These societies represent the strength of their cultural heritage and have a diverse and inclusive consciousness. Presenting Artists: (Official selection of the Bicentennial of the Cortes de Cádiz in Madrid, Spain) José María Yturralde (Spain); José Luís Cuevas (México); Rodolfo Abularach (Guatemala); Carlos Cañas (El Salvador); Oswaldo Vigas (Venezuela); Fernando de Szyszlo (Perú); Carlos Colombino (Paraguay); Alberto Carneiro (Portugal); Omar d’León (Nicaragua); Mónica Sarmiento Castillo (Ecuador); Antonio Samudio (Colombia); Rosa Tavárez (Dominican Republic); Armando Lara (Honduras); Miguel Herrera Zorrilla (Uruguay); Luis Zilveti (Bolivia); Leopoldo Maler (Argentina); Luis Hernández Cruz (Puerto Rico); Enrique Ubieta (Cuba); Olga Sinclair (Panamá); Rafael Felo García (Costa Rica); Don Archer (USA); Julio Villani (Brasil); Iván Contreras Brunet (Chile) y la invitación especial de: Ben Cabrera (Fhilipines); Estuardo Maldonado (Ecuador); Fanny Sanín; Rául Conti (Argentina); Kwon Soon Ik (South Korea). Support from Renowned Art Critics: Venezuela: Bélgica Rodríguez – France: Gerard Xuriguera – Spain: Román de la Calle France y The Dominican Republic: Marianne de Tolentino Other International Collaborations in Art Museums: México: Museo José Luis Cuevas – El Salvador: Museo MARTE, Dominican Republic: Galería Nacional – Paraguay: Museo del Barrio, Ecuador: Fundación Estuardo Maldonado, Museo Ventura Conty de California, MOCA Museum of Computer Art, New York, The QCC Art Gallery of the City University of New York.

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