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Artistas Latinoamericanos en el “Libro del Bicentenario del Tribunal Supremo de España”

Sala Magna del tribunal Supremo de España exposicion Latinoamericana (2)

It opened on June 19, 2012, in official act, the Supreme Court held its Constitution with a voluminous book, full documentation and beauty, the event was opened by Prince Felipe de Borbon of Spain. Act in which we highlight the presence of the artists representing 22 countries of Latin America This invitation was exclusive to 24 American and Latin American artists, each representing “the best examples” (as the organizers say) of the art of their own countries. The exhibition was opened in the Magna Chamber of the Supreme Court in Madrid on June 18. High Spanish government and arts officials attended, along with representatives from Hispanic countries. There will be a traveling exhibit of the art within Spain. Digital prints signed by each artist will be sent to each of the countries of Latin America, Europe and the United States where Institute Cervantes are located. The organizers will also publish some 5,000 books about the Bicentennial and the artists. The books will be widely distributed to museums and institutions beyond Spain. This initiative is curated by the Century XXV CosmoArte Gallery, based in Spain and New York, in collaboration with the Fundacion Carlos III, MOCA Virtual Museum of Computer Art of New York, QCC Art Gallery City University of New York, National Gallery Dominican Republic Fine Arts, Visual Arts Center / Museum of Paraguay Barro, MARTE Museum of Art of El Salvador, and Jose Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico. CosmoArte Century XXV, consultant and event coordinator for the Supreme Court of Spain, in collaboration with the Fundacion Carlos III, is the gallery in charge of the project, the book commemorating the event, and the exhibitions for the event in different countries and museums. Artist in exhibition: José María Yturralde (España); José Luís Cuevas (Mëxico); Rodolfo Abularach (Guatemala); Omar d’León (Nicaragua); Rosa Tavárez (República Dominicana); Oswaldo Vigas (Venezuela); Fernando de Szyszlo (Perú); Armando Lara (Honduras); Mónica Sarmiento Castillo (Ecuador); Carlos Colombino (Paraguay); Enrique Ubieta (Cuba); Alberto Carneiro (Portugal); Carlos Cañas (El Salvador); Miguel Herrera Zorrilla (Uruguay); Luis Zilveti (Bolivia); Alberto Carneiro (Portugal); Leopoldo Maler (Argentina); Luis Hernández Cruz (Puerto Rico); Iván Contreras Brunet (Chile); Olga Sinclair (Panamá); Felo Garcia (Costa Rica); Antonio Samudio (Colombia); Julio Villani (Brasil). Así como los Críticos de Arte, Gerard Xuriguera, Bélgica Rodríguez, Román de la Calle y Marianne de Tolentino.

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