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Sara Van And Eric Kurimski Live Concert at La Nacional

Sara Van and Eric Kurimski, live concert, New York, 2017

Sara Van, live concert, New York, 2017

Sara Van, proclaimed as  “The Latin Janis Joplin” by the Spanish media, announces her first Manhattan show in collaboration with the internationally renowned guitarist, Eric Kurimski – protegé of the esteemed Peruvian master Carlos Hayre. The concert will take place Tuesday, August 1st at La Nacional, The Spanish Benevolent Society, located at 239 West 14th Street. Sara Van, the Peruvian born singer who has resided in Spain since childhood, integrates a fusion of poetry and postmodern raw emotion that is simply extraordinary. She builds a musical garden with the sounds that tell the truth. Her heart and core are Peruvian, nonetheless, as a citizen of the world, she has drawn upon varied sources from chanson and tango to folk and hard rock. Her words and broken honesty won her a Latin Grammy award pre-selection for “Talitá Kum”, her first album. Her lust for verity has since marked her style, leading her to collaborate with a diversity of renowned artists both in Europe and South America. She stars in the acclaimed music documentary “Sigo Siendo” (dir. Javier Corcuera), where her performance of Chabuca Granda’s classic “Cardo y Ceniza” earned her international recognition. She has also performed the lead vocals for the soundtrack of the Spanish film “Puñado de Besos” (dir. David Menkes / mus. Paco Ortega), as well as the emblematic Peruvian song “El Hombre” in “El Viaje Macho” (dir. Luis Basurto). Her vocals in the play “El Loco de los Balcones” (writ. Vargas Llosa / dir. Gustavo Tambascio) staged at Teatro Español in Madrid, are also to be noted. Her participation in the revolutionary opera project “A Lyrical Van”, together with maestro Bruno Tambascio, won praise from conductor Daniel Barenboim; and the lyrics and vocals she lends in “Guarida” for the cutting-edge tropical bass duo “Dengue Dengue Dengue”, were described as “captivating” by Billboard Magazine.With a new album underway and her groundbreaking success as an independent artist and performer, Sara Van’s highly contagious passion for life continues to mesmerize her audiences around the world, bringing an indie torch of flame to the ancient soul of Latin lore.
Sara Van

Sara Van

Check Sara’s work here: Tuesday, August 1st 2017 at 7:00 pm TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED AT THE DOOR OR ON EVENTBRITE HERE:    $15 cover charge. FREE admission for CHILDREN 12 and under.  All benefits from the concert are being donated to the community restaurant project at La Nacional. See for more information.  

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